The 10 Things High Emotional Intelligence People Don’t Do

We’ve all heard of it, and we all know what it is – for the most part, but sometimes we don’t really acknowledge it like we should.  Your EQ, or emotional IQ is a lot easier to change than your IQ is, and thanks to that information, and some really great studies, the results have shown that people who have a higher-than-average EQ actually experience a better quality of life than those who simply have a high IQ.  That being said, here are some reasons that you may want to improve your EQ, as well.



The four main pillars to supporting a healthy emotional intellect are these:

  • High EQ people are self-aware.  They track their emotions and thoughts logically, back to the source, rather than letting them run the show.
  • High EQ people conduct self-management.  That means they can delay gratification, rein themselves in, account for the needs of others, and well – just be great managers of life.
  • High EQ people are social aware.  They understand what needs to be heard, and can tune other things out with great ease.
  • High EQ people are great relationship managers.  They don’t just work well with others.  They can influence others to work well, as well.

So, here are 10 reasons, now that we understand the core logic behind defining an exceptionally high EQ.


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