This Blood Factory Keeps Track of The World’s Rare Donor. So this is how it looks like.

(Via Source)When most of us think of “rare blood,” we think of AB-positive or O-negative. But it turns out there are far, far rarer types than that. In Filton, England, there’s a lab that handles blood donations from across the UK—and identifies this super-rare blood.

Photographer Greg White recently got a tour of the NHS Blood & Transplant’s Filton Blood Center while on assignment for the science publication Mosaic. As you can read in Penny Bailey’s Mosaic story from October, there’s a lab called the International Blood Group Reference Laboratory that operates under the center’s umbrella. The IBGRL keeps track of what Bailey calls “golden blood,” because of its extraordinarily rare occurrence and its ability to save the lives of the few people who share it.



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