Unbelievable Beautiful 144-Years-Old Wisteria In Japan

Everything may seem to be soaked in a bright pink hue, but the light is not cast by anything ordinary.  Well, the light itself is cast by something very ordinary – the tree like features throughout these photos are actually the oldest living Wisteria plant, or more specifically vine.

In appearance it looks like a tree – but that is only due to the large steel supports that act like individual tree trunks.  This vine can grow to be very heavy, and can put an incredibly great amount of stress on the supports, so their existence is paramount to the vines life.

This Wisteria is approximately one-half acre in size, and is roughly 144 years old.


Image credits: y-fu

As lights focus in underneath the Wisteria – the pink hue is brought to life and consumes everything within it.  Its vine-like-trunk twists, and turns upward as it grows in magnitude, shape, and size.  The flowers visibly dangle carefully throughout the vine.


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