Why were these gadjets even created…smh

1. Forget expensive creams, try this wrinkle vacuum!

Credits: foolishgadgets

2. Can’t afford a fancy camera with a panoramic view? This is the answer!

Credits: tofugu

3. New to the market for all you iPad addicts…

Credits: canadianbusiness

4. The iPod toilet

And for the music obsessed who want to listen to music while doing their business, you know, for ambiance.

Credits: freemake

5. Subway sleepers

For those long, tiring subway trips…

Credits: tofugu

6. Always losing your remotes?

Worry no more… with the remote wrangler you can attach your remotes to your face, AND it has a built-in face massager.

Credits: businessinsider

7. The handy mold

Because every hamburger wants to look like a hotdog.

Credits: thefancy

8. Laptop steering wheel

Introducing the Laptop Steering Wheel Desk…Because driving and working on your laptop is a great idea.

Credits: abnormaluse

9. When it’s cold out…

Walkable Shelter (tied on your shoes) – you will never be left out in the cold again.

Credits: social2

10. Nonsurgical nose job

Ladies, if you want to try a nonsurgical nose job, Japan has the perfect solution. Their “electric nose lift” device. It supports your nose and the gentle vibrations shape face snout. Legit.

Credits: blogspot

11. The USB Mouse with a digital scale

For online druge dealers?

Credits: freemake

12. For the lazy lickers

The motorized ice cream cone, because you don’t want to injure your wrist.

Credits: list25

13. Laser guided scissors

For those who can’t cut a line across a piece of paper.

Credits: complex

14. Wonder bra…for your behind

Okay then.

Credits: siliconebody

15. Don’t want to get your fingers dirty?

Snot to worry, try this automatic nose picker.

Credits: yahoo


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