China’s Snail Man walks with his portable home for a three day commute to the city for work

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He moves slowly but surely and when he wants a rest he simply slinks into the home he carries on his back – it’s no wonder Liu Lingchao is known as the ‘Snail Man’.
Liu, 39, came up with an ingenious way to make a living in the Chinese city of Liuzhou and travel from his rural home a three day’s walk away free of expenses.

Liu walks to Liuzhou in central China’s Guangxi Autonomous Region to collect rubbish to sell for recycling – it’s not a lucrative career option but works for him given his overheads are so low.

While in the city, he sleeps in his portable home – it’s too deluxe to call a tent – and relies only on only his feet for transport.

Snail Man Walks Miles With House On His Back


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